A Visual Exploration of the NounsDAO Ecosystem

First There Was Nouns…

Next Came the “Nouniverse”…

NounsDAO hasn’t just amassed a large treasury and established itself as a top project over its first 1-2 years, its created an Ecosystem of sub-communities all built on the same principles and foundational building blocks.

The Nouns Ecosystem is comprised of a number of different sub-daos popping up every day. The following diagram focuses on Nounish DAOs that have attracted at least 69 unique holders at the time of writing.

As of this morning, April 11th 2023, the NounsDAO has 673 Nouns (with #674 on the way). These Nouns are held in 400 unique wallets. When we compare the DAOs tokens, and the holders in sheer size we can see that “Nouns” has become something more than its own holders.

Explore the graphic below to see a side by side comparison with the number of tokens and unique holders per Nounish sub-dao.

Note: The number of DAO tokens and holders expand and contract on a daily basis. The following graph is just a single snapshot in April of 2023.