— A Platform For Royalty Free Music

cc0music-wtf-logo is a project started to provide creators with a royalty free source for music and sounds to use freely in their creations.

The project idea was originally funded by LilNouns DAO, through Prop.House Round 4. Here, we decided to make the landing page, five CC0 songs in the style of 'Lil Nouns,' along with the individual stems (instrument layers) from each song.

You can check out the first set of songs at


What is CC0?

CC0, or Creative Commons is the "no copyright reserved" option - it effectively means giving up all copyright and similar rights to ones work and granting those rights to the public domain.

CC0 content is considered a public good, and therefor helps further proliferate building on top of others works. This is more common with coding, or visual art, and commonly a barrier for creators when publishing their own videos or musical derivatives, like remixes.

We've seen this happen time and time again, as creators have their work removed from Youtube or Instagram for violating a songs copyright.

Resources like aim to provide creators with music and other sonic resources that can be used freely by others.


Whats Next for

More music! Blog posts on CC0 resources and web3 musicians. Information on new technologies and resources for other musicians and creators looking to expand their toolbox and build on top of bodies of existing work. If you're interested in contributing to, feel free to reach out!