— A Nounish Web3 Onboarding Experience


TLDR: is a Nounish web3 onboarding platform. Here, users will learn web3 basics, create their first digital wallet, mint their first Nounish NFT, and learn about DAOs and the Nouns and Lil Nouns communities.

The idea 

Nouns101 is an idea I came up with, built a Google Slide deck, and solicited the idea in the Lil Nouns Discord server to find builders that might like to collaborate.

I added the idea to Prop Lot – At the time it was a new platform built by the Lil Nouns team to vote ideas up/down and gain support.


The original deck can be viewed here.

Quickly finding 3 key contributors for Copy, Design and Development, the Nouns101 team was formed and one month later we had a proposal drafted and ready to move on-chain with Lil Nouns DAO.

We garnered some additional support, tweaked the idea with the feedback from the community and brought it forward on-chain as Proposal #57, which can be found here.

Whats next?

At the time of writing this post the team is actively working on the Copy, design and UX for the project. You can find us, and updates via one of the following channels:

Twitter: @Nouns101

Twitter: @bitNouns

Discord: Lil Nouns Discord Server

Discord: Nouns101 Discord Server